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The re-release this month of the mono versions of the Beatles albums is something to sing about.

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The Beatles in Mono is a boxed set compilation comprising the remastered monaural recordings by the Beatles.

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Unboxing of The Beatles - The Complete Mono Recordings box set.Please Please Me is the debut album by English rock band The Beatles.

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For links and stuff, please go see The Internet Beatles Album.The group, from left, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison, reportedly.Find best value and selection for your The Beatles in Mono The Complete Mono Recordings The Beatles Good Original r search on eBay.

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Happy with the sound in general, except the early stuff sounds far better in mono than the strange voices-on-one-side-instruments-on-the-other stereo.And, finally, there are cases, most notably on many of The Beatles.But until 1969, the Beatles were disinterested in stereo: they oversaw the mono mixes of their albums, then left the rest to George Martin.

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And the sound, as I heard it at a press event in NYC, was spectacular.

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In fact, they cared so little that they passed on the stereo mixing sessions: Once the mono was done, they.Put another way, if the Beatles were recording today, the music would be the same and the stereo effects would be toned way down.The Beatles in Mono is a boxed set compilation comprising the.Both the modern stereo and mono mixes offer superb quality, and Let it Be Naked is superb as an example of modern sound technology applied to analogue recordings.

The set was released on compact disc on 9 September 2009, the same day the remastered stereo recordings and companion The Beatles (The Original Studio Recordings) were also released, along with The Beatles: Rock Band video game.

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Each book details a specific period in the recording history of The Beatles and contains the following major sections.Famed Beatles engineer Geoffrey Emerick wrote in his autobiography about the superiority of The Beatles albums mixed in mono over their stereo counterparts and now fans from a new generation will.

One box set contained the stereo mixes of the albums that are also available individually.And even though the White Album was the last one mixed in mono and stereo, I would say stereo was the main format already: The Beatles themselves started attending the stereo mixing sessions, Revolution 9 and possibly Revolution 1 (there are conflicting reports about it) were only mixed in stereo and the mono were fold down.The reason that the recordings have been originally focussed in Mono as Stereo at the time was really considered for HiFi Buffs and that stereo record pleyers were not a common thing in most households and so mono was the preffered mix for pop as it was still really not considered as quality music by many in the industry and how wrong they have been proven over the years.

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The Beatles Complete Mono Recordings 13-CD Box Set

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