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It recognizes the difficulty that is associated with pressure during an attack and focuses not on offense but mainly on reactions.

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For those interested to join the art of Wing Chung Kung Fu Club, be rest assured that registration for 2019 is now open.Wing Chun forms generally speaking from most martial arts forms as they teach position and movement, not application.

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The art of Wing Chun Kung Fu has several forms that a practitioner learns at specific stages of their training.The Canadian Wing Chun Kung Fu Association headed by Grand Master Lewadny has been successfully training students across Canada since 1987.

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Our head Instructor, 4th Degree Gold Sash, Sifu John Peluso is an Official Sunny Tang Ving Tsun Instructor.

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At Vancouver Wing Chun, we practice the martial art of traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu.Our goal is simple: share our passion of Wing Tsun with the world by helping you achieve your goals and having fun doing it.This tour gives you the chance to study the basic forms of wing chun, a set of techniques taken and adapted by the kung fu legend and international movie star.

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WLE Martial Arts Supply carries martial arts swords, staffs, escrima sticks, Kwan Dao, martial arts gear, tai chi DVD, kung fu uniforms, MMA gear, protective equipment, focus mitts, sparring gear, and much more.Kamloops Wing Chun is a martial arts club in Kamloops, British Columbia.

Ng Mui, a Shaolin nun on the run from the Manchu government, created Wing Chun as a system of self-defense that women, or smaller, weaker, slower, older people could successfully use to defeat men, or bigger, stronger, faster, younger adversaries.

The program is designed to help condition both our bodies and our minds.Softness (via relaxation) and performing techniques in a relaxed manner, is fundamental to Wing Chun.The stage in a fight that comes before grappling, Wing Chun is designed to protect people on the street.

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Wing Chun is a simple but effective method of self-defense based in the traditional Chinese martial arts of Kung Fu.

Although the details of Ng Mui and Yim Wing Chun may be debatable, the direct lineage is unquestionable.

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Later he passed his Kung Fu on to Chan Wah Soon, who took Yip Man as his student.

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My children have more discipline and focus both in and out of school.Our high standards are met through authentic, traditional and principle driven instruction.

Our Dragon Warrior program is designed for children ages 7-12 and focusses on respect, perseverance, and discipline while teaching your kids the art of kung fu.I have found two good reviews about it and I will put them here.

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As a busy mother of two, I have never felt stronger and more fit.Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu by Grandmaster William Cheung, Direct Descendant of Yip Man.In this bio-pic, Ip Man, one of the earliest Wing Chun martial arts exponents credited to have propagated its popularity, gets portrayed as the best of the best in 1930s Fo Shan, China, where the bustling city has its own Martial Arts Street where countless of martial arts schools have set up shop to fuel the craze of kung fu training.Wing Chung is Martial Arts self defense system that focuses on fighting and to channel energy to counter the opponents fighting techniques.

What Makes Wing Chun Kung-Fu "The Science of Self-Defense"?

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